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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 18 Summary

  • As the days progress, it seems like they are the only two people in the school. They're lost in a love haze.
  • When Leo emerges from this haze a bit, he notices that no one else talks to them. This can't be good.
  • At lunch, he tells Kevin about this, and Kevin confirms his observation and tells Leo that he was hoping that he wouldn't notice.
  • Everyone at school, with the exception of Leo, Dori Dilson, and a ninth-grader, is giving Stargirl the silent treatment. That means that Leo is receiving the silent treatment by association.
  • Kevin says it wasn't planned, but little by little everyone has stopped talking to her. Apparently, the whole school was majorly ticked off about her antics at the basketball games.
  • In fact, it seems like Kevin may even feel the same way. They blame her for their loss.
  • Instead of feeling like he was in a "cozy tunnel-of-love," poor Leo now feels a "chilling isolation" (18.59).
  • No one seems to even see them when they pass by. Hillari Kimble does, though. She gives them a nasty smirk.
  • Stargirl appears not to notice, but the blow hits Leo pretty hard.

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