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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 2 Summary

  • This chapter begins with a whole new character. Meet Hillari Kimble.
  • She believes that Stargirl isn't real. According to Hillari, the administration planted her there as an elaborate way to scam the students into having more school spirit. A bit far-fetched, don't you think?
  • This Hillari character must have some sort of status at the school, because a lot of people believe her theory; it spreads around all day long.
  • Leo, on the other hand, believes that the story is ridiculous. Why would the administration do such a thing in the first place?
  • But Kevin-the-opportunist hopes the story is true so he can do an exposé on "Hot Seat."
  • Meanwhile, Stargirl continues to wear really different clothes. Today, she wears red overall-shorts and has dotted freckles on her face. Leo thinks she looks a bit like Bo Peep.
  • After eating by herself again at lunch, Stargirl takes her ukulele off her back and starts going around from table to table as if she is searching for someone.
  • Leo becomes nervous that she might be looking for him, so he turns from her as she walks by his table.
  • But the kid's safe (phew), because Stargirl finds who she is looking for—Alan Ferko. She plays her uke and sings him "Happy Birthday."
  • When she is done, she marches right out of the cafeteria.
  • This causes the lunchroom to go crazy with people whistling and cheering--not for Stargirl, but to make fun of Alan, who is totally embarrassed by the whole incident.
  • For some reason, Hillari seems very annoyed by this scene.
  • As they walk out of the lunchroom, Kevin tells Leo that if she is real, she is in big trouble and won't last very long in their school. Clearly things are cutthroat at Mica High.
  • Leo starts to believe that Stargirl is not real, too. She is just too different for him to believe.
  • She continues to wear bizarre clothing to school in the next weeks like a Kimono, a flapper dress, and Indian buckskin.
  • In the hallways, Stargirl says hello to everyone, and has no problem answering questions in class.
  • She joins the cross-country team briefly, but she gets kicked off at her first meet because she doesn't follow the course.
  • When they have a rain shower (remember, Arizona is a desert, so it rarely rains) she stays outside and dances in it.
  • Leo tells us that everyone thinks she is a weirdo. To be fair, the girl clearly marches to the beat of her own drum. But weirdo? That seems a bit harsh.
  • At this point, most people at school think that Hillari Kimble is right; Stargirl cannot be real.
  • Leo, however, seems to be thinking an awful lot about Stargirl. Almost as if he's a little bit smitten, if we may say so.
  • So smitten in fact, that he thinks of her every night as the moonlight shines through his bedroom window. Swoon.
  • When he is in his room in the moonlight, he often feels like he gets a bit of understanding from it, and it's during one of these contemplative moonlit moments that he realizes that Stargirl is, in fact, real.

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