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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 21 Summary

  • Leo continues to accompany Stargirl on various adventures. They drop off lots of little gifts and meaningful homemade cards to people—anonymously, of course.
  • She finally tells Leo where she learns about the people she gives the stuff to. She has a few sources, it turns out:
  • (1) She reads the newspaper, especially the sections on hospital admissions, death notices, birthday and wedding announcements, and so on. She reads all the often-skipped parts.
  • (2) She listens carefully, especially at places like the hair salon.
  • (3) She reads bulletin boards.
  • Essentially, our girl pays attention.
  • She asks Leo if he wants to play a card game. By card game, she means a greeting card game, of course. Here are the steps:
  • (1) Pick a person you see at the mall.
  • (2) Follow the person for 15 minutes and observe.
  • (3) Guess what type of card the person needs.
  • They drive to the mall a town over to play the game. They play three rounds of the game, and it's pretty fun.
  • Leo notices that throughout the day, Stargirl leaves change in random places. She says she doesn't like change so she leaves it where others, especially children, may feel delighted when they find it.
  • Could this girl be any nicer?

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