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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 24 Summary

  • Just another day at Mica High. Leo has been hearing murmurs of "roadrunner" all day, so he is pretty sure he should check it out.
  • When he arrives at a window that faces the bulletin board, it's obvious what the chatter is all about: a white bed sheet, covering the whole board has a big old heart painted on it, with the giant words STARGIRL LOVES LEO painted inside.
  • Leo feels thrilled that she loves him, but he is mortified that she has put him in the spotlight. He wants to celebrate, sure, but he also wants to rip the sheet down. Talk about being emotionally conflicted.
  • He still sits with Kevin at lunch; he has never been brave enough to sit with Stargirl, for fear of humiliation.
  • Stargirl sits with Dori, the only girl who hasn't abandoned her.
  • Today, as Leo eats lunch, he does not even look over at her. He tries his best to avoid her the rest of the day, but she finds him and wants to know what he thought of the sign.
  • He shrugs.
  • When she pushes him for more, he believes she is mocking him.
  • And then, when she places Cinnamon on Leo's shoulder, he sweeps the rat off, and it falls to the ground below. Uh oh.
  • Stargirl picks Cinnamon up and pets him.
  • But Leo just can't face her. He turns around and walks away.
  • The next day, the kids at school are even more ruthless to Leo about the sign.
  • He runs an errand for a teacher, and while doing so he finds himself in the courtyard alone with only one other student named Renshaw.
  • Renshaw has always been just another student; Leo barely knows him, and doesn't care much about him.
  • But today, Leo decides to call out to the kid. But Renshaw totally gives him the cold shoulder, which makes Leo feel absolutely invisible.
  • At lunch he expresses his frustrations about this to Kevin, and Kevin tells him that he knows what he did. Wow, Kevin, you're such a comforting dude.

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