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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 25 Summary

  • Several days pass and Leo continues to avoid Stargirl, while the poor girl keeps trying to track him down.
  • When she finally does, she asks if they are breaking up. He says that he doesn't want to, but something needs to change, explaining how difficult it is for him that no one talks to him anymore.
  • They have a heated exchange about how she doesn't care about what people think and why people are so mad at her. He demands to know the reason why she went out to Kovac (whose name she doesn't even know, by the way).
  • When he reminds her, her answer is that she did it because he was in pain. He tells her that she should have left him to be taken care of by his own people.
  • But Stargirl assures him that she wasn't thinking at all. She just did it.
  • Leo starts to feel bad and tells her that she can't just not care about what the rest of the world thinks. He tells her that she isn't connected. After a while, she sobs out "I'm not connected" and then hugs Leo.
  • Over the next few days Leo tries to teach Stargirl how to fit in to normal society.
  • They spend a lot of time discussing people's place in groups. He tells her that she needs to become more like the rest of them. When she asks him why she should conform, he says it is because no one likes her.
  • "Nobody?" Stargirl asks.
  • Well, not nobody. Leo likes her, of course. But "they," meaning everyone else, are important, too, because there are just so many of "them" out there.
  • The chapter ends with this sentence: "Two days later Stargirl vanished" (25.57). What?

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