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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 3 Summary

  • Kevin and Leo aren't seeing eye-to-eye on whether or not Stargirl should be on "Hot Seat." While Kevin is all for it, Leo is hesitant. He is just not sure about it, which irritates Kevin to no end.
  • But the two of them have been best friends for the past four years, so this isn't a major bump in the road.
  • Apparently, they came up with the idea for "Hot Seat" together and pitched the idea to the faculty, and the show became popular right away.
  • Leo isn't really sure why he doesn't want Stargirl on the show, but his gut feeling tells him that they should leave her alone.
  • Meanwhile, Hillari comes up with several possibilities to explain Stargirl, including that she is an alien and her parents are circus acrobats. She has several ridiculous hypotheses about why Stargirl is so different, each one more unbelievable than the last.
  • We learn some more of Stargirl's quirks:
  • At the beginning of classes, Stargirl covers her desk with a ruffled curtain and places a daisy in a vase on top of it. She does this at the start of every class.
  • Students have started joining in with her when she sings "Happy Birthday" to people in the cafeteria.
  • She knows everyone's names somehow, and greets each person in the hall.
  • Often, she'll laugh or dance at random, inexplicable moments.
  • She has never heard of football is and says she doesn't have a television in her house.
  • Needless to say, just about everyone is trying to figure this girl out. They ask Leo to put Stargirl on "Hot Seat," but he keeps making excuses about why he can't.
  • Leo studies Stargirl and feels panicky whenever he sees her come around a corner. He is also getting a warm, shaky feeling when she is around. Ah, that old familiar feeling.
  • One day, he follows her after school in true stalker fashion.
  • She walks all over town. At one point she takes something from her pocket and puts it in a mailbox.
  • After she leaves, he takes the letter from the mailbox. (FYI, this is totally illegal. Do not try this at home, folks.) It's an unsigned note that says, "Congratulations." Very interesting.
  • He continues to follow her for several hours.
  • Eventually, Leo suspects that she knows that he is following her. Could she be secretly leading him somewhere? Hey it's possible
  • She plays her ukulele and her pet rat rides on her shoulders, and she continues to walk into the sunset.
  • As he stalks behind her, Leo hears something, but he's not sure what it is. Maybe it's a coyote?
  • He feels like calling out to her, but does not. He wants to warn her, but he doesn't know from what she needs to be warned or why.
  • At this point, Leo turns and runs back the way they came.

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