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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 30 Summary

  • The car idles for a moment, and Susan appears to be in a trance. No one says a thing.
  • Her parents come to get her, and as she is led away, the silver plate drops to the ground. Oof, this just gets sadder and sadder.
  • Her father picks it up and, surprisingly, hands it to Leo.
  • On Monday, Stargirl returns. Susan is no more.
  • She has the floor-length skirt and ribbons in her hair. She distributes happy face cookies to everyone in the cafeteria.
  • She even gives a cookie to Hillari, who takes off her shoe and smashes the cookie with it, in her usual cruel manner.
  • Stargirl doesn't care though. She's too busy strumming her uke, and asking for requests.
  • Dori stands and cheers for her, but Leo is too stunned, angry, and, frankly, cowardly, to join her. He admits it.
  • Of course no one eats Stargirl's cookies, and they continue to ignore her.
  • When Leo confronts her to ask if she has given up trying to be popular and normal, our girl smiles and confidently says yes. To which Shmoop says a rousing hooray.
  • Then she gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him that she knows he will not be asking her to the Ocotillo Ball, and that she is okay with that.
  • Coincidentally, that night Kevin asks whom he will take to the ball, and Leo says he doesn't know.
  • Having assumed that Leo would take Stargirl, Kevin is totally shocked, which makes Leo uncomfortable and angry.
  • That night, he even pulls his window shade down to prevent the moonlight from shining into his room.
  • In his dream, an old man on a bench says, "how dare you forgive me."
  • The next day there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board to join a group called the Ukee Dooks.
  • Dori is the only real name listed. Other people wrote joke names, like Darth Vader, just to be mean.
  • As Kevin and Leo talk after school, Kevin starts to say some rather uncool things about Stargirl, which makes Leo realize something startling and horrible: his own behavior has made Kevin think it's okay to badmouth Stargirl.
  • Everywhere Leo goes he hears nasty things about our girl. People seem to hate her even more after her attempt to become one of them.
  • Nevertheless, she keeps right on trucking. She and Dori do duets with the ukuleles in the courtyard. No one pays attention to them, but they keep playing.
  • This scene brings Leo to yet another important realization: Stargirl's shunning will never end.
  • He knows that he should stand by her, that he should go and cheer her singing, but he doesn't.
  • Instead, he watches as all of the people leave the courtyard without having paid any attention to the Ukee Dooks. Then he keeps watching the duo as they play for no one at all.
  • Eventually, finding the whole thing too tough to watch, he leaves school entirely.

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