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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 31 Summary

  • No surprise here, folks: Leo does not ask Stargirl to the ball. In fact, he decides not to go at all.
  • Stargirl, however, is totally attending. That's our girl.
  • The ball takes place at the Mica Country Club, and is decorated with a boatload of lovely lanterns.
  • After it gets dark, Leo rides his bike to the ball, and parks it far enough away so that people won't see him.
  • He notices that a lot of the guys' suit jackets are powder blue. That's the color that Wayne said he was going to wear.
  • Stargirl makes quite an entrance. She arrives at the ball in a bicycle sidecar completely covered in flowers, and a 10-foot blanket of flowers follows the bike, like a bridal veil.
  • Who's pedaling the bike? Dori of course. And she's wearing a tuxedo.
  • Stargirl looks magnificent in a rich yellow, strapless gown with a hoop skirt. Her hair is arranged in a glorious up-do that seems to defy the laws of gravity. Oh, and she's wearing a fossil necklace.
  • She waves goodbye to Dori and Cinnamon (who is peeking out of the bicycle basket) and struts her stuff into the ball.
  • Although she is going stag, she has a fantastic time. She dances to every song by herself.
  • Somehow, Raymond Studemacher is brave enough to dance with her. No one really knows who Raymond is; he isn't very popular or anything, but he dances with her, and this small act breaks the tension with the other students.
  • Other boys ditch their dates and are headed her way when a song called "The Bunny Hop" comes on.
  • A long line instantly forms across the dance floor, and guess who the leader is? Yup. Stargirl.
  • Everyone joins in except Hillari and Wayne, the nincompoops.
  • What's so great about "The Bunny Hop" is that whatever the leader of the line does gets mimicked by everyone else down the line.
  • So of course our girl Stargirl does all sorts of silly stuff. She walks like a penguin, struts like a vamp, and walks on tippy toes.
  • Everyone has a great time, and the band starts the song up again when it finishes because clearly the dancers want to continue. Encore! Encore!
  • Stargirl leads them off the dance floor and out into the darkness of the country club's golf course. Meanwhile Hillari grows more and more enraged. She does not like this one little bit.
  • No one is sure how long the line prances around out in the desert, but people say it felt like hours, and when they reemerge from the darkness, they're all still on beat. Awesome.
  • Finally, back on the dance floor, the music stops.
  • Hillari spies her chance. She walks right up to Stargirl, tells her that she ruins everything and slaps her right across the face.
  • Everyone freezes.
  • And what does Stargirl do? What else but give Hillari a polite peck on the cheek, of course?
  • Then Stargirl finds Dori waiting for her on the bike. They quirky pair ride off together.
  • No one from school ever sees Stargirl again.

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