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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 33 Summary

  • Leo continues to visit Archie all throughout college and even after college.
  • Our guy is now a set director in the East, so his visits aren't as frequent as they once were.
  • On the last visit Leo has with Archie, they drive out to the desert. Archie brings a paper bag with him. As they drive, they follow a predictable pattern of conversation trying to figure out Stargirl. They do this just about every time they see each other.
  • After they drive for a bit, Archie instructs Leo to pull over, and they walk a little ways farther.
  • Archie stops and digs a hole in a rock with a pick, and when he finishes, he pulls Barney, the rodent skull, from the bag.
  • He tells Barney that he is home now, and that he is sorry he can't return him to his original spot in South Dakota.
  • Then he places Barney in the hole along with a crumpled piece of paper.
  • After this, he takes out some water and cement mix and covers up the hole in the rock so well that the damage is not noticeable at all.
  • When Leo asks about what was on the paper, Archie responds "a word." He offers no other explanation, and Leo does not ask for any clarification due to the tone of Archie's voice.
  • They drive home.
  • The next time Leo visits, Archie, Señor Saguaro, and the shed out back are gone.
  • An elementary school now stands in Stargirl's enchanted place.

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