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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 4 Summary

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Hillari Kimble is well known. There are several reasons for her fame.
  • (1) Her mouth: she is a big-time complainer.
  • (2) "The Hoax": She tried out for cheerleading, made the squad, and then turned it down. She said she just wanted to prove she could do it, but finds cheerleading to be stupid and she hates sports. Gee, she sounds like a real winner.
  • (3) Wayne Parr: Her boyfriend. He's a quiet guy, but everyone agrees that he's gorgeous. Other than his hotness, he doesn't really have much on his resume, though: no sports, organizations, awards, no A's in classes. He's pretty dull, really.
  • Still, everyone looks up to him. He is the "grand Marshall of [their] daily parade". (4.6) In other words, he's the leader of the school.
  • It isn't really talked about, but subconsciously, look to him for how to look, dress, and behave. But Wayne doesn't care much about anything and is a pretty dull guy overall, so everyone else doesn't care about much and is pretty dull, too. Sounds like good times, right? Wrong.
  • Pondering Parr, Leo wonders, "did Parr create us, or was he simply a reflection of us?" He doesn't know the answer to this chicken-or-the-egg question.
  • Leo understands that Wayne is the uncrowned king of their school, so in the past he invited him on "Hot Seat."
  • But Kevin, on the other hand, couldn't understand why they would want Wayne on the show since he had no accomplishments to speak of.
  • Of course Leo couldn't really explain what it is about Wayne that makes him so important to their school. He ended up just shrugging when Kevin asked him for a reason to put Wayne on the show.
  • We guess the shrug was mighty convincing because Leo got his way.
  • During the interview, Kevin asked Wayne who his role model is. Wayne responded that the magazine GQ is because it is his goal to be a male model one day. He then threw a pouty "model look" to the camera. Um, should someone tell him that a magazine isn't a person?
  • That was last year. Leo thinks about how he was so sure that Wayne would always be the grand marshal of their school; how could he have known that Stargirl would challenge him for that title the very next year?

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