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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 5 Summary

  • Kevin calls Leo and tells him he must drop everything and get to the stadium immediately. But why? No one ever goes to the football games, and their marching band is so small that they're a "standing" band instead.
  • Leo arrives in a rush. Kevin is waiting for him at the gate, and the two of them run into the stadium together.
  • Stargirl is on the field with the band, and she is dancing around with them on the field. Except, the problem is, Stargirl is not in the band.
  • Nevertheless, there she prances, barefoot, twirling around, pretending to play the flute. To be honest, she looks like she's having a grand ol' time.
  • Shocked, everyone just stares at the free spirit.
  • When the band finishes and the football team takes the field, Stargirl is still out there. She joins right in with the football team's warm-up activities.
  • When the ref blows his whistle and tries to kick her off the field, she grabs a ball and starts running around with it. What a scene.
  • The officials are preparing to physically remove her when she punts the ball over the visiting team's bench and runs off the field and out of the stadium. Stargirl out.
  • Everyone cheers and stomps the bleachers for her, and the old folks say that they can't remember the last time there was such a burst of enthusiasm at the game.
  • In fact, when the next football game rolls around, a ton of people attend—many more than usual.
  • Notably, Wayne and Hillari do not attend.
  • At the next game, everyone eagerly awaits more excitement, entertainment, and true cheerleading from Stargirl. But their hopes are dashed, because she's a no-show.
  • The next Monday at school, Mallory Stillwell, the school's head cheerleader, asks Stargirl to join the cheerleading squad.
  • Everyone at school is all atwitter about this news. Will Stargirl wear the regular uniform, or something outrageous instead?
  • She practices with the squad for two weeks and then starts wearing the regular uniform.
  • Even though she wears the uniform, she remains true to herself; she still sings "Happy birthday" in the lunchroom while playing her uke. Some things never change, right?
  • On Halloween, she gives everyone in her homeroom candy pumpkins.
  • At this point, most of the people at school have decided that they like Stargirl. It's quite the turnaround.
  • But mostly they like her for entertainment value; they can't wait to see what she'll do next. When it comes to true friendship, she doesn't have a lot of options. People don't get too close because she's still so totally different from everyone else.
  • Just to add a little suspense, we find out that Hillari Kimble's birthday is fast approaching. Will Stargirl sing for her? And if she does, how will Hillari respond?

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