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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 6 Summary

  • The day before Hillari's birthday, Hillari approaches Stargirl and warns her not to sing to her.
  • Stargirl quietly promises that she will not sing to her. Honestly, it's a little sad.
  • At lunch the next day, everyone is waiting eagerly to see what will happen.
  • Sure enough, after Stargirl finishes her lunch, she picks up her uke and starts strumming.
  • She walks over to Hillari's table, sings the song and adds Hillari's name to the end, but she does not look at Hillari when she sings it, so she didn't fib the day before. See, even though she's singing about Hillari, she's not singing to her. So there.
  • Instead, she looks directly at Leo as she sings, and Leo feels all flustered and his face gets hot.
  • Hillari stomps off in a huff, and Kevin asks Stargirl why she chose to sing to Leo.
  • She responds with "He's cute." Aw. Leo feels about a million different feelings all at once. Sounds like love to Shmoop.
  • Having observed everything that just went down, Kevin states that things are getting even more interesting. He tells Leo that they should go visit Archie.
  • Wait a minute. Who's Archie?

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