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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Chapter 9 Summary

  • Leo starts this chapter by comparing the Mica students, who are going through an awakening, to the awakening of mud frogs. We're just going to have to roll with him on this one.
  • Apparently, mud frogs live right beneath the ground in a dormant state. Their heartbeats are slow and they sleep deeply until life-giving rain frees them. When this happens, they spring to life and their voices ring out.
  • According to Leo, Stargirl is like the rain. She has started an awakening in the students in both their sense of individuality and their feeling of connection to each other. They feel a student's pain when he hurts his ankle; they are happy for a student who gets an A. They are participating, joining, and expressing themselves. This is in stark contrast to before when they were stuck in Wayne Parr mode.
  • It's not as if there are any public announcements about this phenomenon. No one is even discussing it. But it's totally happening.
  • Leo notes the irony that the more the students become involved in groups, the more confident they become in their individuality. He even refers to it as a miracle, in a conversation with his old pal Archie.
  • But Archie is much more subdued about this. He knows that miracles don't last long.
  • Indeed they don't, Archie. The chapter ends with Leo informing us that these wonderful, idyllic days are coming to an end quickly. Foreshadowing much?

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