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by Jerry Spinelli

Analysis: What's Up With the Ending?

Despite the fact that she has skipped town, Stargirl remains popular for years and years after graduation. People talk about her at all the reunions, and pay homage to her quirks with unique traditions.

Leo, too, has been profoundly affected by Stargirl's brief presence in his life, and still tries to figure out who she is with the help of Archie. On his final visit to the aging Archie, Leo drives him out to the desert, where Archie picks a hole in a rock to rebury the skull of an ancient rodent, Barney (for more on this, see the "Symbols" section on Bones). He returns Barney to the earth and shortly after, Archie returns to the earth, too. Just like Stargirl, our Archie is deeply connected to the earth from which he came.

Adult Leo, meanwhile, is a set director and works very hard at what he does. He doesn't have a family, but he doesn't feel alone. He remembers all of the things that Stargirl did and often thinks of her. He hopes that one day he may get another chance. And maybe he will. On his most recent birthday, he received a porcupine tie in the mail. There is only one person who could have possibly sent it, right? Stargirl.

It's the kind of open-ended ending that readers love, and hate. We're left hanging as to whether or not Stargirl and Leo will ever find each other again. So, what do you think: will they? Aren't you just dying to know?

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