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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Epilogue Summary

More Than Stars

  • Leo does not attend his high school reunions, although they happen every five years.
  • He keeps in touch with Kevin, who still lives in Mica, and has a family. He's an insurance salesman.
  • Kevin tells him about how at every reunion people talk about Stargirl and wonder where she is. They attempted to recreate the "bunny hop" dance once, but it just wasn't the same.
  • No one knows what happened to Wayne Parr. He and Hillari broke up after graduation, and people think they heard he joined the Coast Guard.
  • Meanwhile, there have been some new traditions at the high school:
  • (1) There is a club called the Sunflowers. Each member pledges to do at least one nice thing for another person a day.
  • (2) At every basketball game, the home team cheers for the first basket scored by the opposing team.
  • When he visits home, he drives by Stargirl's old house. Once, he sees a young man across the street washing his car and realizes it must be Peter Sinkowitz. He wonders if he appreciates his scrapbook yet.
  • Leo throws himself into his work and keeps an eye out for silver lunch trucks.
  • It is clear that Stargirl continues to have a lasting influence on him. He walks without an umbrella in the rain, he drops change on the sidewalk if no one is looking, he feels guilty buying cards instead of making them, he listens for mockingbirds, and he reads all the parts of the newspaper that no one but Stargirl ever does.
  • He wonders about where Stargirl is and what she calls herself now. He wonders if he will ever see her again.
  • Leo doesn't have a family of his own yet, but he does not feel lonely.
  • Then, he realizes that he is being watched: last month, he received a package in the mail for his birthday.
  • It was a porcupine necktie.

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