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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Exploration Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

One morning we had a rare rainfall. It came during her gym class. The teacher told everyone to come in. On the way to the next class they looked out the windows. Stargirl was still outside. In the rain. Dancing (2.39).

Rain, while not so common in Arizona, is still not completely unheard of. Nevertheless, you'd think it was a flat out miracle, based on Stargirl's reaction. Really, she's acting like an explorer of everyday life, here. She goes out to experience and celebrate the world around her.

Quote #2

As they played, rooted in their places, she pranced around the grass in her bare feet and long lemon-yellow dress. She roamed from goalpost to goalpost. She swirled like a dust devil. She marched stiffly like a wooden soldier. She tootled an imaginary flute (5.5).

Shmoopers, does this not sound like a ton of fun? Once again, we see Stargirl taking life by the horns. She celebrates the moment when the band is playing on the field. She lives in that moment and dances and gets into it. She doesn't care that there are people watching her, because she's not doing it to get attention.

Quote #3

She ran straight across the fifty-yard line and joined the other team's cheerleaders. We laughed as they stood there with their mouths open. She cheered in front of the players' bench and was shooed away by the coach. At halftime she played her ukulele with the band (8.6).

After Stargirl becomes a cheerleader, she takes her new role to the extreme. She cheers for everyone, even the opposing cheerleaders and players. She lives her life to the fullest, doesn't she? You know the expression "only boring people get bored"? Well, it seems like this gal has never known a boring moment in her life. She is involved. Totally.

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