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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Friendship Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

In my homeroom, when the announcement came over the PA about Stargirl winning the district title, I was about to let out a cheer, but I caught myself. Several people booed (20.3).

Are Leo's actions in this situation the actions of a friend? What would a good friend have done in this situation? Cheered anyway, perhaps?

Quote #5

I understood why this was happening to me. In the eyes of the student body, she was part of my identity. I was "her boyfriend." I was Mr. Stargirl (23.5).

Calm down, Leo. There are worse things in the world than being Mr. Stargirl. Despite the dramatics, Leo is actually touching upon a pretty important truth here. The people that we surround ourselves with reflect who we are in many ways. If we surround ourselves with people who lie, cheat, and steal, we are saying that those things are acceptable and fine with us. If we surround ourselves with people who are kind and interesting, then that is what we are saying is acceptable to us.

Quote #6

"Something's gotta change," I said. "That's all I know."

"You mean like change clothes? Or change a tire? Should I change the tire on my bike? Would that do it?"

"You're not funny. You know what I mean."

She saw I was upset. Her face got serious (25.7-10).

We do know what Leo means here. He means that she has to change who she is or they will break up. Way to be a friend, Leo. Way to be a friend.