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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Friendship Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

"So," I said, "what happened when you asked Dori Dilson?"

"She said no. She's mad at me."

"I could tell."

"Ever since I became Susan. She thinks I betrayed myself" (27.11-13).

Dori is mad at Susan, but we can't help but let out a little cheer for this ninth grader. We think the fact that she's mad at Stargirl is actually an indication that she is Stargirl's one true friend. She's loyal in the way that truly counts.

Quote #8

She stood apart from the teachers, alone in the black shimmering sea of asphalt. As we approached, she held up a sign, a huge cardboard sign bigger than a basketball backboard. She set the sign on edge and propped it up, erasing herself. The red painted letter said: WAY TO GO, SUSAN WE'RE PROUD OF YOU (29.22-23).

Dori is such a wonderful friend. Seriously, Shmoop would love to have her around because she's the kind of girl who always has your back. No matter how much her friendship with Stargirl threatens her own standing at Mica High, Dori will stand up for her girl. She's good people. 'Nough said.

Quote #9

I waited until the last of the students had left the courtyard, and Stargirl and Dori were performing for no one. To my surprise they went on and on. It was too painful to watch. I left school by another door (30.42)

The contrast between Dori and Leo is so drastic here that we can't help but compare the two. Dori is there by Stargirl's side when no one else is, and Leo runs in the opposite direction.

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