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by Jerry Spinelli

Leo Borlock Timeline and Summary

  • In his junior year of high school, Leo meets the new girl in class. He is taken aback by her strange outfits and behavior. Her name is Stargirl.
  • Leo and his best bud Kevin are pumped that they potentially have a very interesting new guest for their television show, "Hot Seat."
  • But the more he learns about Stargirl, the more hesitant he is to put her on the show, which causes some tension between him and Kevin.
  • The more Leo thinks about her, the more he becomes fascinated by Stargirl. In fact, he seems to be developing a bit of a crush.
  • Meanwhile, Stargirl makes a name for herself in high school with her crazy antics and her random acts of kindness.
  • As she grows more popular, Leo relents and allows her to be on "Hot Seat." He and Kevin plan a big show.
  • But Stargirl's antics cause a dip in her popularity (and by dip we mean her popularity plummets), and Leo regrets his decision.
  • Nevertheless, they move forward with the show, which turns into a huge disaster. People heckle and insult Stargirl on camera.
  • Meanwhile, Leo finds a Valentine in his notebook from Stargirl that says she loves him.
  • He's scared at first, but eventually the two of them strike up a relationship.
  • The two of them enjoy each other's company, and Leo begins to see the world from all kinds of different perspectives.
  • Unfortunately, their relationship causes Leo to become just as unpopular as Stargirl is.
  • Unable to take the abuse, Leo asks Stargirl to change, or else they can't be together.
  • His ultimatum prompts Stargirl to become Susan, an exceedingly normal girl.
  • But her normal behavior doesn't win her any friends, so Susan switches back to Stargirl, which makes Leo angry.
  • The two of them break up, and Stargirl attends the Ocotillo Ball by herself, while Leo watches from afar.
  • She has a great night, and regains her popularity for a brief moment. But then she disappears entirely the next day, and Leo never sees her again.
  • Even fifteen years later, Leo is still talking about Stargirl, and trying to figure out who she is and what she meant to him.