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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Man and The Natural World Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

"The thing is, there's no difference anymore between me and the universe. The boundary is gone. I am it and it is me. I am a stone, a cactus thorn. I am rain." She smiled dreamily. "I like that most of all, being rain" (17.90).

Through her meditation, she does not just gain wisdom from what the earth tells her, she actually becomes other things. Cool, huh?

Quote #8

And I did have fun. Whether it came from the game or simply from being with her, I don't know. I do know I was surprised at how close I felt to Clarissa and Betty and Adam after watching them for only fifteen minutes (21.52).

Stargirl and Leo play what seems to be a simple game at the mall. They observe other people closely. They pay attention to someone for fifteen minutes and then they determine what kind of greeting card that person would most need to receive. This little game is not just a fun way to spend a couple hours. It is a way to become more connected to the feelings of others. Once they start paying attention, it seems to get easier and easier to observe how other people might be feeling, and to have some empathy for them, too.

Quote #9

"Look, even the desert is celebrating."

It seemed to be true. The normally dull cacti and scrub were splashed with April colors, as if a great painter had passed over the landscape with a brush, dabbing yellow here, red there… she skipped and whirled and cartwheeled among the prickly natives. She bowed to a yucca, waltzed with a saguaro…  (27.53-56).

On the way to her competition, Stargirl pays attention to the natural world around her. Because she does this, and takes time out to celebrate with nature, she ends up with an idea for a fantastic speech, which will eventually win her a trophy. Because of this, we notice how spontaneous Stargirl is too – instead of planning a speech way ahead of time, she lives in the moment and finds inspiration all around her.

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