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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Resources


Jerry Spinelli

The spellbinding Spinelli's very own official website, where you can check out new releases and get the scoop on Stargirl and more.

Stargirl Societies

Create your own. Ukulele not included.

"He's A Man of Many Words"

The lowdown on the high art of Spinelli's writing.

Local Hero

Spinelli is getting back to his roots. And no, we don't mean he's eating turnips.

"Goal to Go"

Spinelli's a poet. Do you think he knows it? He did in high school, when he wrote this baby.

From the Horse's Mouth

Read Spinelli's own story of how he became a writer. And how he keeps doing it all these years.


Eileen and Jerry Spinelli Classroom Cast

This adorable writer couple chats about their editing marriage, and gives us the scoop on some of their most popular books, including Stargirl.

Meet the Author: Jerry Spinelli

He's pleased to meet you, too.

Articles and Interviews

TeenInk Reviews Stargirl

Read a review of your new favorite novel written by young folks like you.


Love, Stargirl

If Stargirl floats your boat, then be sure to check out the sequel.


Cover Art

Star plus girl equals Stargirl.

Jerry Spinelli

Our man reads from our book. And he looks pretty happy to be doing so.

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