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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Society and Class Quotes

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Quote #4

Ironically, as we discovered and distinguished ourselves, a new collective came into being—a vitality, a presence, a spirit that had not been there before (9.6).

Sometimes, we really have to give Leo some props. He can be really wise, when he's on his game, like in this moment, when he notices that when individuality is appreciated by the group, the group itself becomes stronger. But how exactly does that work? What is it about embracing individuality that makes the group more spirited, more successful, more vital?

Quote #5

"Why can't you be normal?"

"Why do you wanna be so different?"

"Yeah—is something wrong with us, you gotta be so different?" (13.75-77).

In this moment, as she's sitting there on "Hot Seat," we can't t help but wish Stargirl had thrown these questions back in their faces: Why do you want to be normal? Why don't you want to be different? Is there something wrong with being different that makes you all be the same?

Quote #6

"They're not talking to her."

The words didn't stick. "What do you mean? Who's 'they'?"

He cocked his head at the sea of tables and eaters.


"Who them?" I said too unhinged to laugh at my grammar.

He wet his lips. "All of them." He shrugged (18.32-35).

It's the moment of truth for poor Leo. This conversation with Kevin is when he realized he has been banished from Mica High society. The conversation is revealing in other ways, too, because Kevin is showing us the power of "Them." The mysterious collective meant to include all the people out there whose opinions we care about for whatever reason. In this case, it's the high school society that has chosen to shun Stargirl, and by association, Leo. This is the "them" that Leo must decide if he cares about more than Stargirl.

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