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by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl Caraway Timeline and Summary

  • Stargirl starts attending Mica High as a tenth grade student. Before this, she had been homeschooled by her mother.
  • At school, she wears what she wants and acts how she wants. Oh, and she's friendly to absolutely everyone.
  • At first everyone just thinks she's strange, but then she gains popularity for her awesome cheerleading.
  • She agrees to go on Leo and Kevin's show "Hot Seat" at the height of her popularity.
  • But then, when her enthusiastic cheering (and boy do we mean enthusiastic; she cheers for the opposite team, too) gets her into hot water, the school turns against her.
  • So when she appears on "Hot Seat," she is verbally attacked by, well, everyone.
  • Despite her unpopularity, Leo can't resist his feelings for Stargirl, so the two of them strike up a relationship.
  • They have an awesome time together, until the fact that the whole school is shunning Stargirl (and by extension, Leo) comes between them.
  • Leo tells her she has to change if she wants them to stay together. Because she loves Leo, Stargirl transforms herself to Susan, a thoroughly average girl.
  • But her transformation has no effect on the school's treatment of her, so she goes back to being Stargirl. She's cool with how she is, but Leo isn't so happy.
  • Because Leo won't take her, Stargirl attends the Ocotillo ball by herself, where she has an awesome time and regains her popularity.
  • That is, until Hillari slaps her, telling Stargirl that she ruins everything.
  • After that, no one hears from Stargirl again.