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Stoichiometry Resources


Science Geek Stoichiometry Review

This website contains a few useful stoichiometry practice problems. Type in your answers and click submit. You'll soon find out if you're correct.

Moles and Stoichiometry Practice Problems

Still need some additional practice problems? Check these out… complete with answers at the bottom of the page.

Balancing Chemical Equations

This website gives tons of practice on balancing chemical equations.


Brightstorm Stoichiometry Review

Here is a short, but sweet, recap of all things stoichiometry. Need a nice refresher?

Stoichiometry Basics

Another quick and simple stoichiometry overview. A little extra help couldn't hurt, right?

Stoichiometry Sing-Along

Lady Gaga and stoichiometry? Yes, please.

Stoichiometry: Concept and Examples

This video not only gives a refresher about basic stoichiometry concepts but it also works though many stoichiometry examples.

Limiting Reagents

Here is a nice video tutorial about all things limiting reagents. We can tell you're excited.

Yields: What the Heck Are They?

This video will world though the difference between theoretical yield and percent yield.


Stoichiometry Calculator

This stoichiometry calculator can help you convert between all kinds of units. It will definitely save you time on your next homework assignment.

Molecular Weight Calculator

This is a molecular weight calculator. Just type in the chemical formula and voilà—it will give you the weight that you desire.

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