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The Storm

The Storm


by Kate Chopin

The Storm Section 2 Summary

  • Bibi's mother Calixta is back at their house. She doesn't seem as worried about her family as they are about her. She sews.
  • Only when it gets warm and night starts to fall does she notice that bad weather is coming. She goes around the house closing doors and windows.
  • She goes outside to grab the laundry and sees her old flame, a man named Alcée. It's been a long time since they saw each other.
  • It starts raining, so Calixta invites Alcée into the house to wait out the storm.
  • The weather quickly worsens.
  • Calixta still seems lovely to Alcée.
  • The weather gets worse, and the two are in a room where they can see Calixta's bed.
  • Calixta gets worried about her family, and Alcée reassures her.
  • The two go look out the window at the raging storm.
  • She freaks out and they embrace.
  • Alcée reassures her again. They're both reminded of a previous encounter they had in a town called Assumption, where they got it on a little.
  • They start making out again, and this time they don't stop. The two forget about the bad weather and have super intense sex.
  • When they're done, the storm seems to be going away, and they'd like to take a nap, but they know they shouldn't.

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