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The Story of an Hour

The Story of an Hour


by Kate Chopin

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

The Story of an Hour


1. Why isn't Mrs. Mallard immediately told of her husband's death?
2. Who brought the news of Mr. Mallard's death?
3. Where did Mr. Mallard's accident happen?
4. How does Mrs. Mallard react when she hears the news?
5. How does the world outside look?
6. How does Mrs. Mallard normally look and how does she look since the news of the accident?
7. What feeling does Mrs. Mallard experience?
8. How does Mrs. Mallard think she will react when she sees her husband's dead body?
9. What is Mrs. Mallard excited about?
10. How does Mrs. Mallard die?


1. She has a heart condition so they must find a way to ease into telling her.
2. Richards, a friend of Mr. Mallard's, brought the news.
3. It happened on a train.
4. She cries and then goes to her room to be by herself.
5. It looks alive and fresh.
6. She normally looks youthful and pretty but after the news she looks preoccupied and absent.
7. She experiences a feeling of freedom.
8. She thinks she will be sad and think about how much he loved her.
9. Mrs. Mallard is excited about being able to make her own decisions and not be held accountable to anyone.
10. Mr. Mallard walks into the house; he was never dead, and this shock causes Mrs. Mallard's frail heart to give out.