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Io Photos

Love Cloud
Antonio Allegri da Correggio imagines Zeus hooking up with Io in the form of a cloud. Hmmm, we wonder what everybody would've said if we brought a cloud to the prom? [Jupiter and Io by Antonio Allegri da Correggio, 1530]

Zeus Gets Busted
When Hera busts in on him and Io, Zeus transforms his lover into a cow and is all like, "Nope, no nubile nymph here. Just chillin' with a bovine." Pretty slick, Zeus, but not slick enough to fool Hera. [Jupiter and Io by Ambrogio Figino, 1599]

Bed Time for Argus
When Hera sets the giant, Argus Panoptes, to guard the heifer-formerly-known-as-Io, Zeus sends Hermes to the rescue. Argus may be an awesome watchman, but he's no match for Hermes' sweet, sleepy music. [Argus, Mercury, and Io by Jacob van Campen, ca. 1630-1640]

To Kill, or Not to Kill?
After Hermes puts Io's prison-guard to sleep, he's got to decide whether he should let sleeping giants lie... or die. Check out the next picture for the thrilling conclusion. [Story of Mercury and Argos by Diego Velazquez, 1659]

Answer: Kill
Yeah, Hermes decides it'd be more fun to execute Argos, so he chops off the giant's head. Here he is giving it to Hera. [Juno Receiving the Head of Argos by Jacopo Amigoni, 1730-1732]

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