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Strange Meeting

Strange Meeting


by Wilfred Owen

Strange Meeting Summary

For a quick second at the beginning of "Strange Meeting," you think that the speaker has escaped battle, and of course that would be totally rad. Unfortunately, it looks like he's fallen into hell, which, let's face it, does not seem like a welcome alternative. It also means he's dead, which is kind of a bummer. Okay, it's really a bummer.

So there's our speaker, wandering around hell amidst all of these miserable and moaning fallen soldiers when he decides to try to console one of them, and they strike up a convo. Things start going downhill as this dead soldier begins to talk about all the life he's missed out on. The real kicker comes at the end of the poem, when the dead guy's all, "Oh, btw, I'm the enemy soldier that you killed, and now we're both dead and in hell." What a nightmare.

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