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Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land


by Robert A. Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 15 Summary

  • Mike lies underwater reciting the dictionary to himself. Hey, we've all been there. He understands that something important is going on outside of the pool but doesn't want to leave the water against Jubal's orders. Instead, he leaves his body behind and his spirit (for lack of a better word) goes up top to be with his water brothers. Sneaky.
  • Mike sees the guns the soldiers are carrying. He examines them carefully to determine if there is wrongness about them. Turns out there is, because Mike passes the soldiers and their guns into nonexistence. 
  • That was easy.
  • Afterward, he returns to his body and continues to recite the alphabet. When Jill comes down to recover him, he kisses her. Yowza.

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