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Stranger in a Strange Land
Stranger in a Strange Land
by Robert A. Heinlein
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Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 18 Summary

  • Time for romance. Ben asks Jill to marry him! Oh, but she says no. She has too much on her plate with her responsibilities to Mike. 
  • Ben is a little put off by this, but he realizes how important Mike is to Jill, so he decides to become Mike's water brother as well. Anyone else getting the vibe that the water brother system is this universe's Facebook?
  • Jubal and Ben discuss Ben's plans to get back at Douglas. Jubal convinces Ben to just forget it, because (a) Ben will probably never link it directly to Douglas anyway—that's what political cronies are for, and (b) Douglas isn't all that bad as far as politicians go. In fact, Jubal believes that the next guy might actually be worse than Douglas.
  • Jubal then lets Ben in on his plan for keeping Mike safe from the money and the power hungry crazies running around. 
  • Here's the plan: give away his wealth. 
  • Whoa.
  • The chapter ends just as Jubal is detailing to Ben the finer points of his plans.
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