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Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a Strange Land


by Robert A. Heinlein

Gillian (Jill) Broadman Timeline and Summary

  • Jill learns that the Man from Mars is staying in Bethesda. She sneaks in to visit Mike and accidently becomes his water brother.
  • She has dinner with Ben, who convinces her that Mike is a political prisoner. She agrees to help Ben plant a bug on the Man from Mars.
  • The operation gets too risky, and Jill pulls the plug. On the bugging thing, not the patient…
  • Ben disappears, and Jill begins to worry. She really starts to worry when she finds out that Mike is still at Bethesda hospital.
  • Jill busts Mike free of the hospital. They originally go to Ben's apartment, but Gil Berquist and Detective Johnson track them down. When Johnson gets rough with Jill, Mike winks both him and Berquist out of existence.
  • Having nowhere else to go, she heads to Jubal's place (since that's where Ben said he'd take Mike). Jubal invites them into his house and puts Jill on the payroll to learn the Martian language.
  • While at Jubal's, Jill continues to teach Mike human customs and ways.
  • When the S.S. come for Mike, they have a warrant for Jill's arrest as well. Not to worry: Mike edits them out of existence. Oh, then he plants a big one on Jill.
  • Jill goes with Mike to the Fosterite service, but she finds the whole religion very unappealing.
  • Mike and Jill travel the world together, growing closer. They also meet Patty Paiwonski and make her their water brother.
  • When Mike starts his Church of All Worlds, Jill becomes its High Priestess. Fancy.
  • When Ben comes to visit the Church of All Worlds, Jill is overjoyed and wants to make him a full-fledged member. She sees the jealousy in him, but her desire for him to join overshadows her judgment.
  • Jill reveals that she is pregnant. (Mike's kid, perhaps?) After Mike's death, she returns to Jubal's house.