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Quote #4

…I’ll show you shuperficial – Listen to me! My tongue is a little – thick! You boys are responsible for it. The show let out at eleven and we couldn’t come home on account of the poker game so we had to go somewhere and drink. I’m not accustomed to having more than one drink. Two is the limit – and three! [She laughs] Tonight I had three. (3.131)

At what point does it become clear to Mitch that Blanche is lying about her drinking habits?

Quote #5

The rapid feverish polka tune, the "Varsouviana," is heard. The music is in her mind; she is drinking to escape. (Stage Directions, Scene Nine)

This is a key stage direction from Williams because it lets us know WHY Blanche drinks the way that she does. Indeed, many of her actions and words have to do with escaping both her past and the harsh reality of her current situation.

Quote #6

[She rushes about frantically, hiding the bottle in a closet, crouching at the mirror and dabbing her face with cologne and powder.] (9.3)

Blanche tries to hide both her age and her drinking – two things that threaten her potential match with Mitch.

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