Die Heuning Pot Literature Guide
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Quote #1

Stanley carries his bowling jacket and a red-stained package from a butcher’s. (Scene One, Stage Directions)

Look at how Williams uses props to emphasize Stanley’s "primitive" masculinity.

Quote #2

Well, I never cared for wishy-washy people. That was why, when you walked in here last night, I said to myself — "My sister has a married man!"— Of course that was all that I could tell about you. (2.114)

Blanche may be deluded, but she’s not dumb. She understands that Stanley prides himself on his masculinity, so this is the angle she works when trying to get into his good graces.

Quote #3

[booming] Now let’s cut the re-bop!
[pressing hands to her ears]
Ouuuuu! (2.115-6)

Stanley’s masculinity is often expressed through loud noises, whether it be "bellowing" or "booming" or smashing things around. This takes a toll on the delicate Blanche.

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