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A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire


by Tennessee Williams

Mitch Timeline and Summary

  • Mitch is with Stanley when the latter enters the stage and throws some meat up at Stella.
  • Mitch sits at the poker table with Stanley and the gang. He’s winning, and the men are giving him a hard time for wanting to leave the game early and go home to his sick mother.
  • When Mitch goes to the bathroom, he awkwardly bumps into Blanche, which only makes him feel more awkward.
  • Back at the table, he keeps looking back through the curtain, trying to get a glimpse of Blanche again.
  • He excuses himself to the bathroom again, and, this time, chats her up. He can’t really keep up with her, conversation-wise. He tells her about a girl he loved that passed away and shows her the inscription on his cigarette case.
  • Mitch helps the other men try and restrain Stanley when he goes into a rage and hits Stella.
  • Later, when Blanche comes down from Eunice’s apartment, Mitch sits on the steps with her and tells her not to worry about Stella.
  • After Blanche flirts with and kisses the Young Man, Mitch shows up with flowers for her.
  • Later that night, after they’ve both been at an amusement park, Mitch escorts Blanche home. It’s clear that neither of them had very much fun. They discuss their physical relationship, or lack thereof.
  • Mitch is generally uncomfortable and unsure how far to pursue Blanche physically. He asks a bunch of inappropriate questions, like her age and weight.
  • After Blanche tells the story of her deceased husband, Mitch concludes that they’re both lonely and sad and need someone, so they should be together.
  • Mitch doesn’t show up to Blanche’s birthday party because Stanley told him about Blanche's past in Laurel.
  • While Stanley and Stella are at the hospital, Mitch comes by to see Blanche. He figures if she’s slept with as many men as Stanley says, she should give in to him pretty easily when he presses her.
  • Blanche doesn’t give in; she still wants Mitch to marry her.
  • Mitch passes on the marriage offer, insults Blanche, and leaves.
  • In the final scene of the play, Mitch is ashamed and on edge. He fights with Stanley, implicitly accusing him of hurting Blanche.