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A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire


by Tennessee Williams

Stanley Kowalski Timeline and Summary

  • Stanley comes on stage with Mitch, wearing bowling clothes. He throws some meat to Stella to make for dinner and leaves again.
  • Stanley returns and meets Blanche while Stella is in the bathroom. He quickly establishes his dominance.
  • While Blanche bathes, Stanley tells Stella they’ve been swindled and rifles through Blanche’s belongings. He's sure that Blanche sold the family plantation, Belle Reve, instead of having lost it.
  • Then, he accuses Blanche directly after ignoring her flirtations. When she gives him papers to prove the bankruptcy, he tells her that Stella is going to have a baby.
  • Stanley is playing poker and drinking heavily with his buddies when Blanche and Stella come home. He is quickly perturbed by the noise they’re making. When Blanche turns on the radio, that’s the last straw. He chucks it out the window and hits his wife.
  • After the women run upstairs to the neighbors' apartment, the men try to calm Stanley down. He soon comes to and runs outside, calling up for Stella to come back.
  • She does, and the lovers reconcile.
  • The next morning, Stanley leaves for the mechanic's shop. When he comes back, he listens in on Blanche insulting him behind his back.
  • When he makes his presence known, Stella embraces him fiercely and he smiles at Blanche above Stella’s head.
  • Stanley talks to his buddy Shaw and finds out some interesting news regarding Blanche’s past. He brings this information to her attention, but she denies it.
  • On Blanche’s birthday, Stanley reveals to Stella the truth about her sister’s past. He admits to telling Mitch this information, too. He then presents Blanche with a bus ticket back home as a birthday present.
  • Stanley brings Stella to the hospital because it's time for her to give birth.
  • Stanley returns from the hospital for a few hours of sleep. He’s in a fabulous mood, as he’s about to become a father. He asks Blanche to make amends with him, but she’s a bit cold.
  • Stanley makes a big deal out of putting on the silk pajamas he wore on his wedding night, as a celebration.
  • When Blanche pretends that she’s going away with Shep Huntleigh and that Mitch crawled back to beg her forgiveness, Stanley calls her out as a liar. He mocks her and her “worn-out Mardis Gras outfit.”
  • When Blanche insinuates that she needs to be scared of Stanley – that he might rape her – he responds by proving her right.
  • A few weeks later, Stanley plays poker with his buddies while Blanche packs her stuff and readies to leave. When she refuses to leave on the grounds that she’s forgotten something, Stanley rips her paper lantern off the light bulb and offers it to her.
  • He scuffles with Mitch, who indirectly accuses him of hurting Blanche.
  • Once Blanche is gone, Stanley goes out onto the porch and comforts his wife in a somewhat sexual way.