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by Toni Morrison

Sula Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes

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Quote #1

Among the tenants in that big old house were the children Eva took in. Operating on a private scheme of preference and prejudice, she sent off for children she had seen from the balcony or whose circumstances she had heard about . . ." (1921.21)

It's interesting that Eva seems to have such compassion for children who aren't her own. She cares for these kids by choice, and while she is only willing to take in the ones she likes, she still pulls them out of their "circumstances." This from a woman who seems to have only felt burdened by her own children.

Quote #2

Leave him 'lone, I said. Come on, Chicken. Look. I'll help you climb a tree. (1922.49)

Sula is compassionate as a child. When Nel picks on Chicken, Sula stands up for him and seeks to protect him. Compare this to the lack of compassion she has later in life.

Quote #3

Sh. Sh. Don't, don't. You didn't mean it. It ain't your fault. Sh. Sh. Come on, le's go, Sula. (1922.81)

Instead of judging Sula for Chicken's death, Nel tries to comfort her. She is almost a maternal figure here: she feels sad for her friend and wants to make her feel better and calm her down.

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