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by Toni Morrison

Eva Timeline and Summary

  • Eva marries a man named BoyBoy and they have three children. He leaves her after five years with no means of support.
  • After struggling for some time, Eva disappears, only to return a year and a half later with a leg missing and some money. She never tells anyone what happened.
  • Eventually Eva has enough money to build a house. She lives with Hannah, Sula, and Plum (once he returns from war) and takes in various boarders.
  • Plum is addicted to drugs. Eva leaves him to himself at first, but eventually she can't take it. After holding him in his bed, she sets him on fire.
  • Soon after, Hannah has an accident in the backyard and also catches on fire. Eva tries to save her by jumping out of the window and trying to land on her, but she misses. Eva survives but Hannah dies.
  • When Sula returns to the Bottom, she confronts Eva and threatens to light her on fire. Although Eva is getting older and isn't as sharp as she once was, she is still in control of her faculties. But Sula has her committed to a mental institution that is well-known for its horrible conditions.
  • After many years, Eva is transferred to new, better facility, and she gets a visit from Nel. She accuses Nel of allowing Chicken to die, which is what sends Nel to Sula's gravesite.