by Toni Morrison
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Sula Friendship Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

The trip, perhaps, or her new found me-ness, gave her the strength to cultivate a friend in spite of her mother (1920.74).

It is interesting that Nel's friendship with Sula is born out of a rebellion against Helene. This reminds us that Nel doesn't always do what's expected of her.

Quote #2

Which was only fitting, for it was in dreams that the two girls had first met (1922.6).

Sula and Nel are destined for each other. Their shared loneliness and dreams of companionship help them find each other.

Quote #3

So when they met, first in those chocolate halls and next through the ropes of the swing, they felt the ease and comfort of old friends (1922.8).

Although the girls come from different backgrounds, the fact that they both lack something from their mothers creates a common bond. They feel easy with each other because they know what the other is going through, and they represent for each other the only source of true friendship and understanding. No other character fulfills this need for Sula or Nel.

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