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by Toni Morrison

Sula Gender Quotes

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Quote #4

Selfish. Ain't no woman got no business floatin' around without no man. (1937.22)

One of Sula's great flaws, at least in Eva's eyes, is that she has the audacity to live her life as a single woman. Need we say more?

Quote #5

Teapot's Mamma got a lot of attention anyway and immersed herself in a role she had shown no inclination for: motherhood. (1939.7)

Although traditional gender roles dictate that women become mothers, they don't all have the desire or ability to be good ones. Should women like Teapot's Mamma still have kids? What compels women to have children when they don't really want them?

Quote #6

The narrower their lives, the wider their hips. (1939.43)

This is how Sula thinks about women and their relationships to men. Wide hips suggest these women have had kids, and Sula sees this as truly limiting. Although many of the women in the Bottom love and enjoy their children, Sula doesn't see this as a possibility.

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