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by Toni Morrison

Sula Loyalty Quotes

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Quote #7

So Eva locked her door from then on. But it did no good. In April two men came by with a stretcher and she didn't even have time to comb her hair before they strapped her to a piece of canvas. (1937.52)

In sharp contrast to the loyalty Eva displays for her children, Sula isn't compelled by the same feelings. It might be that she's been hurt by Eva or that she simply needs her own space in the house. Whatever the reason, a lack of loyalty allows her to have Eva committed.

Quote #8

His visitor, his company, his guest, his social life, his woman, his daughter, his friend – they all hung there on a nail near his bed. (1941.13)

Shadrack's attachment to Sula's belt shows us how someone can be loyal to a symbol. The belt is the symbol of Sula and all that she has come to mean for him.

Quote #9

The following day Nel walked to the burying and found herself the only black person there, steeling her mind to the roses and pulleys. (1965.65)

Nel's loyalty to Sula trumps her anger. Once Sula has died, Nel expresses her loyalty by fulfilling the duties of one friend to another.

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