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by Toni Morrison

Sula Loyalty Quotes

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Quote #1

After five years of a sad and disgruntled marriage BoyBoy took off. During the time they were together he was very much preoccupied with other women and not home much. (1921.5)

BoyBoy has no loyalty to his wife, and this is true of many of the men in the novel. BoyBoy represents a larger pattern of behavior – the many husbands who cheat on and leave their wives.

Quote #2

Eighteen months later she swept down from a wagon with two crutches, a new black pocketbook, and one leg. (1921.8)

If we believe the rumor – that Eva arranged to lose her leg in order to get money to support her kids – we can see how fiercely loyal she is to them. Loyalty to family can make a person do unimaginable things.

Quote #3

Her aim was determined but inaccurate. She slashed off only the tip of her finger. (1922.13)

Sula cuts off part of her own finger to protect Nel from bullies. This is reminiscent of Eva's willingness to lose her leg for her children, and it shows that Nel and Sula are more like family than friends.

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