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by Toni Morrison

Sula: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "I was good to you, Sula, why don't that matter?"? -> Shadrack
2. Who asked, "Mamma, did you ever love us?"? -> Hannah
3. Who said, "All that time, all that time, I thought I was missing Jude. [. . . ] We was girls together"? -> Hannah
4. Who said, "I done everything I could to make him leave me an go on and live and be a man but he wouldn't and I had to keep him out so I just thought of a way he could die like a man not all scrunched up inside my womb, but like a man."? -> Plum
5. Who was "was very nice to his women. His women, of course, knew it, and it provoked them into murderous battles over him in the streets."? -> Ajax