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Sula Sex Quotes

How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Year.Paragraph)

Quote #7

She went to bed with men as frequently as she could. It was the only place where she could find what she was looking for: misery and the ability to feel deep sorrow. (1939.34)

Despite first appearances, Sula's view of sex is different from Hannah's. While Hannah attaches no real feeling to it, Sula does. She still has sex with a lot of men (many of them married), but Sula is actually searching for something. We don't get the same feeling from Hannah.

Quote #8

He liked for her to mount him so he could see her towering above him and call soft obscenities up into her face. (1939.83)

It's interesting that Ajax likes for Sula to be on top, "towering above him." This suggests that he's willing to give up a little power and control.

Quote #9

What you mean take him away? I didn't kill him, I just fucked him. (1940.75).

This shows how differently Sula and Nel view sex. Nel feels that once Sula has slept with Jude, he's no longer hers, he's gone from her life forever. But Sula doesn't see it that way. If Jude was dead, then he'd be gone. But he's not; he just had sex with another woman.

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