Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning
by Wallace Stevens

Sunday Morning Resources

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Bloom on Stevens

Famous literary critic Harold Bloom’s first published books was a study of Stevens.

Collected Poems

Collected poems of Wallace Stevens, all in one place.


Stevens Reads His Poetry

More of Stevens reading some of his most famous poems.


Wallace Stevens

The author of "Sunday Morning."

A Peignoir

A picture of a pink peignoir. Looks comfy, doesn’t it?

A Cockatoo

The cockatoo, which is a common pet bird.

A Swallow

A picture of a swallow, which has very unique wings.


Letters of Stevens

Excerpts from letters that Stevens wrote, including ones which mention "Sunday Morning."

Norton Anthology

The Web page on "Sunday Morning" from the renowned Norton Anthology of Poetry, including comments from the editor.

The webpage devoted to Stevens on the site, which includes several of his poems.

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