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A Supermarket in California

A Supermarket in California


by Allen Ginsberg

A Supermarket in California Resources


The Academy of American Poets

These guys have tons to say on our man Allen.

Whitman at the Academy

And they'd never leave out Whitman, either.

Lovin' Lorca

He'd like to thank the Academy for giving him a page, too.

Ginsberg's Official Website

Run by his estate, this site's got the goods on Ginsberg. You could spend hours cruising its offerings.


Ginsberg reads "Heart Sutra"

In the early 90s, not long before his death, Ginsberg was taped reading one of the most important Buddhist scriptures. Ommmmm.

James Franco as Ginsberg

Yep, you heard that right. Check out this trailer from the movie Howl.


A Reading at the Supermarket

Allen Ginsberg reads his poem. It's pretty nifty to hear the poem the way it was meant to be heard.

Listen to "Howl"

Allen Ginsberg reads his explosive poem (in two parts). Fair warning: there's some explicit content in here, so don't play this one for the kiddos.


Allen Ginsberg

Working hard in 1955. Hey, maybe he's writing "Supermarket."


…with a beard to rival Whitman's.

Walt Whitman

The lonely old courage-teacher, in all his chapeau'd glory.

Historical Documents

How It All Began

Check out this page from the original typescript of Howl, complete with Ginsberg's super sloppy notes.

From the Man Himself

Here's a signed copy of "Supermarket." How much do you wish you had this in your library?



Pick up a copy pronto. It's a necessary addition to your poetry collection.

Leaves of Grass

Read Ginsberg's inspiration for so much of his work, and one of the most important works in all of American literature. For reals.

Movies & TV


This recent flick fictionalizes the story of the writing of Howl and its censorship trial. Plus it stars James Franco as Ginsberg. Need we say more?

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