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Supply & Demand

Supply & Demand

Discussion & Essay Questions

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Sample of Discussion & Essay Questions

  1. What product or service could you never live without? 
  2. What product or service would you give up if its price went up 10%?
  3. What is the most compelling product introduced in the last five years?
  4. If Facebook started charging for usage, would you pay? How much?
  5. If Twitter started charging for usage, would you pay? How much?
  6. Do you think creating an appearance of scarcity, like Apple did during its iPhone launches, increases demand or makes the seller look like it doesn’t know how to supply a product?
  7. What product does not exist today for which you believe there is a market need?
  8. How has technology changed purchasing behavior?
  9. What was the most important technology innovation in the last twenty years?
  10. What products have inelastic demands? What products have completely elastic demands?
  11. Do you believe Ivy League colleges could charge any amount of money without affecting the number of people who apply?
  12. Should overweight people be required to pay more for health insurance than those who are not overweight? Should smokers be required to pay more than non-smokers?
  13. Which is better, the iPad or the Kindle?
  14. Google started as the sixth best search engine. Facebook started at a time when MySpace and Friendster were strong. What did Facebook and Google do right?
  15. What does rent control do to the pricing and supply of apartment units?
  16. According to the Wall Street Journal, "Rent control disproportionately subsidizes the affluent. A Harvard University study in the late 1980s found that rent-controlled apartments were in some of the city's best neighborhoods, that 94% of their tenants were white, and roughly three-quarters of their occupants were families without children." Do you think NYC should maintain rent control?
  17. Microsoft has been accused of being a monopoly, as has Google. In what ways might they act like a monopoly? Do you believe they face competition?