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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

Congruent and Similar Solids Exercises

Example 1

Are the prisms similar, congruent, or neither?

Example 2

Are the cylinders similar, congruent, or neither? 

Example 3

Are the spheres similar, congruent, or neither?

Example 4

Pluto might not be considered a planet anymore, but we can still send a little love. The diameter of Pluto is about five times smaller than Earth's 7913-mile diameter. If that's the case, what is Pluto's approximate volume?

Example 5

It's common knowledge that Old MacDonald had a farm, but he actually had a barn for cows as well. Before he built the barn, he wanted a scale model that was 1:100. If the scale model had the dimensions listed, how big is Old MacDonald's barn in cubic feet? There are 12 inches in a foot and 4 feet per cow (except Bessie, who was in a tragic cattle guard accident).

Example 6

A miniature replica of an Egyptian pyramid is made, for the mummified mice. If the base of the pyramid is 700 feet long and the height is 450 feet and the replica's base is 3 inches long, how tall is the mini-pyramid?