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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume: Surface Area 51 True or False

1. Which of the following solids is NOT a polyhedron? -> Triangular prism
2. What is the minimum number of orthogonal drawings needed to construct a perspective drawing? -> 1
3. What kinds of solids are the Platonic solids? -> Polyhedrons
4. What is the difference between an orthogonal drawing and a net? -> There is no difference between a net and an orthogonal drawing
5. Euler's formula says that the number of faces plus the number of vertices in a polyhedron equals the number of edges plus 2. Euler's formula does NOT apply to which of the following solids? -> Pyramids
6. On a starry, starry night, you look up in the sky and see an enormous spaceship that looks like a cone. It lands in front of you and you see that it's made of sheet metal. If the height of the cone is 50 feet and its base has a radius of 20 feet, the spaceship is made out of about how much sheet metal? -> 3800 square feet
7. The aliens step out of their spaceship. They look like square pyramids with green, rubbery skin. If the aliens are 4 feet tall and have a square base of 4 square feet, how much rubbery green skin do they have? -> 16 square feet
8. You try to run away, but the aliens generate a blue force field around you in the shape of a cylinder. Now you're frozen in midair. The radius of the cylinder is 3 feet and it's 6.5 feet tall. How much surface area does the force field cover (including the bottom)? -> 179 square feet
9. The aliens tell you that Zargon, their home planet, has a diameter of 10,000 miles and is completely covered in gold foil. (Don't ask us why. They're the aliens, here.) How much surface area does the gold foil cover approximately? -> 78,500,000 square miles
10. Before the aliens release you and return to Zargon, they give you a walkie-talkie in the shape of a rectangular prism so that you can communicate with them in the future. If the walkie-talkie is 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 5 inches tall (with an antenna for long-distance communication), what's its surface area? -> 60 square inches