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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders Exercises

Example 1

Find the total surface area of the solid.

Example 2

Find the missing dimensions of the triangular prism if the surface area is 912.1 square inches and the lateral area is 800.1 square inches.

Example 3

Find the lateral and surface area of the cylinder.

Example 4

Find the lateral and surface area of the trapezoidal prism.

Example 5

Find the radius and circumference of the circle at the base of the cylinder if the lateral area is 150 yd2. Then find the surface area.

Example 6

A regular dodecagon (12 sides) is the base of a prism of height 19 inches. If the lateral area of the prism is 228 square inches, what is the length of each side of the dodecagon?

Example 7

Find the lateral and surface area of the triangular prism.

Example 8

After the apocalyptic destruction of the forests, only one tree stump remains. You want to preserve it, so you decide to cover it in plastic wrap. What better way to preserve a dead tree? Assuming the stump is perfectly cylindrical with a height of 3 feet and a diameter of 2.4 feet, how much plastic wrap will you need to cover the top and sides of the stump?

Example 9

The Catfish Factory has gone out of business due to too much cat hair in their tuna. As a result, all the cat workers are homeless. Since these cats are so darn cute (and you're tired of them pooping on your driveway), you decide to buy them a big litter box. How much paper will you need to gift-wrap their new litter box?