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Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area of Spheres Exercises

Example 1

If the diameter of a baseball is 3 inches, what is its surface area?

Example 2

The surface area of the average basketball is about 277.6 square inches. Find the radius of the basketball.

Example 3

Find the surface area of the solid.

Example 4

The "Bigger is Better" Ice Cream Company has made an even better ice cream cone, with a hemispherical waffle socket for the ice cream. What could be better than waffle sockets? How much waffle do they need to make these new-and-improved ice cream cones for the Super Duper Ice Cream Scooper?

Example 5

The average diameter of the earth is about 7913 miles. Using this measurement and assuming that the earth is perfectly spherical, what is its surface area in square miles?

Example 6

Find the surface area of the sphere. 

Example 7

Which has a larger surface area: a cubic watermelon with 1-foot-long edges or a spherical watermelon with a diameter of 1.5 feet?